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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  January 25, 2010 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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better. he will be better and not run full term. >> let's sit around and wait for a republican to retire. that's a great thing. let's wait for the other guys to die. wow. i really want to work for you. it's kind of sul tree to say, we're waiting our attorney. th our turn. but then again -- >> i'm going to force you guys to really make a decision here. no more softie. this is "hardball." if they don't get a health care bill through, if they blow it on health care, if they can't pass a bill with 59 senators, do they need a bill to face the public? jean? >>. >> i think they are the worst of
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all worlds. >> i agree. >> they don't deliver -- >> you're a straight journalist and can't take a position. but would you say, quoting smart sources, close observers would say that it makes sense for them to really do something dramatic. >> history tells you you don't want to be in the position of passing something very -- >> you're better off passing something politically. >> so here we have it. >> thank you for joining us. for more hardball, right now it's time for "the ed show."
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good evening, americans, and welcome to "the ed show" from new york tonight. these stories are hitting my hot button tonight. it's gut check for the democrats. show the country that you've got the guts to lead. well, they are doing the right thing. they are bringing back a former campaign manager to help them talk to the country. the white house says to draft them and turn things around in 2010. but the president needs to show fire on jobs. i think he's headed in the right direction. senator jim demint, this is a favorite one of mine tonight. kind of a short memory here. what do you mean he never wanted health care to be obama's waterloo. he wants to do away with the filibuster. i'll ask him, just how many republicans have signed on to that. plus, the supreme court sold out the country with the recent ruling on campaign contributions. i think the president, on wednesday night at the state of the union, should take a good look at these guys and say to
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the country, i think you made a serious mistake. senator alan grayson is going to talk to us about that tonight. the white house is getting the message. they've got a new game plan. it's all about jobs, focus on what is so important. i have to say, if we can hold it there, that they have been talking about jobs. since, let's see, what was the date, february 17th, 2009, when the president signed the stimulus package. maybe we all just need a reminder. so they brought back david pluff, obama's campaign manager. he gave his party tough love telling democrats that they can't afford to wet the bed in front of the american people. any way, he goes on to say, let's fight like hell. not because we want to preserve our status but because we
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sincerely believe too many every day americans will continue to lose if republicans and special interest win. president obama believes the stimulus is working. but he needs to make the american people believe it because, right now, they don't. in a new cnn research opinion poll and only stimulus funds have been spent. we have $500 billion left to go. that could fund a lot of, let's see, projects, tax incentives, and, of course, help out small business, the backbone of our economy. but the white house needs to get the stories straight that jobs
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created. >> our first and most urgent task was to rescue the economy. these steps created 2 million jobs so far. but more than 7 million have been lost as a consequence of this recession, which remains our unsustained response. >> wednesday night is a big speech for the president. the president needs to make sure that he draw as line between the distinction between the people that really want to move the country forward and the republican obstructionist who basically just want to sink his presidency. get your cell phones out, folks.
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we want to know what you think about this one tonight. tonight's survey is, has president obama and his administration done enough to help the middle class. text a for yes and b for no to 622639. we'll bring you the results later on. if the white house has a disconnect with the american people and there's a communication problem, let's bring in a gentlemen that i think communicates very well. joining me now is because i think you can hit the bull's eye here on the stimulus package and you have a jobs program going in san francisco. are we headed in the right direction? what do you think? is the stimulus package working? >> i think there are components of it that have been very successful. let me give you the most successful stimulus. that was $500 billion to a program called taniffa. program
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for assistance for needy families. it hasn't gotten that much attention. $5 billion sets aside employment opportunities and subsidies for private, nonprofit, and private sector jobs. we've created in the last few months 344 jobs with this specific program. nationwide only $94 million has been drawn down for the employment subsidieses. this is a program that works and this is what the administration will be talking much more about and we're hoping to get this extended beyond the deadline. >> and the american people, by the numbers that we showed, mayor n mayor new some is that the american people are not sold that this is working. almost a year ago when the president signed this, and we
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will make progress and be slip page along the way. he said that there was going to be tough sledding. are we just inpatient as a country and we just want it right now? >> there's no doubt that we are inpatient but there's something else at play. for those of us that love baseball, the biggest distinction between baseball and politics is that you don't get credit for politics. in reality, the stimulus program, we put out a report, for example, in december that showed $324 million that we've received just in our county and 1389 jobs created. but we did not put a component that created the jobs saved. and that's a difficult thing to explain to the american people and that's why these numbers keep changing and amending. there's something else at stake here. they don't include the program that i just mentioned.
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those 1600 jobs are not part of the jobs that we put on our report or include the f map job, which are the federal medicaid jobs. there is some reporting in the nomenclature that they need to clean up and if they do, it will paint a much better picture that should be painted because i think the substance is actually there. >> what should the majority party do and some of these states are taking the money and i believe your state may be guilty of doing this. taking the money and creating a budget instead of making jobs. >> we were visiting the president, the white house, all of us making the same case. it's metro areas that hold the majority of jobs in this country. in fact, 89 and it's quickly and efficiently as we can get the
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jobs down to the regions and the cities without going through the states to take a little bit off the top here, a little bit off of the top there, and then we're going to see a much morrow bust and efficient recovery. >> you can say with conviction that this stimulus package is working. >> i don't think this. i know this. there's a human face that is a component. they are not just stats. these people are counting on these programs to continue. >> gavin newsom, thank you for joining us. we should point out that the three republican votes and arlen spector went to the democrats. joining me now is a ranking member of the house over sight and government and reform committee. congressman, good to have you with us. you're a successful entrepreneur. you know what it's like to make a dollar and hire people.
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do you believe, had we not done the stimulus package, that the economy would be better off today than it would had we not passed it? >> ed, i'm going to give credit where it is due. the nearly $300 billion has been spent and it's allowed a number of people to keep their jobs, to be paid for another year. the vast majority are school teachers, federal, state, and local workers. no question. government workers have kept their jobs. the answer to your question, though, if we took the remaining $400 billion plus so far we're not doing that in the stimulus. in the stimulus, no matter where you go, what you see, we're
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spending money and people are keeping jobs for a time. the american people want to know what is going to get a job at a factory and some employment that will be permanent and started in their community and that's something that republicans and democrats should be working on together. congressman, let's find the middle of the road here and be fair about this. most people know how tough it is. the republicans, do you believe that they will be honest brokers from this point on? you just mentioned that there are some things that have happened that are good but don't the republicans just have to make the case? president obama, this is where you've got to go. instead of having an obstructionist attitude. do you think the republicans can be honest brokers from this point on? isn't it better to create jobs than to score cheap political points? what do you think? >> it's certainly better to create jobs. we have a fundamental difference of opinion about whether you put
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money out to employ people for a day. permanent being that they continue beyond where the federal dollars run out. there's a lot of democrats and a lot of them have talked to me about, when this money is gone, are we going to spend another 800 billion? how do we make them go on longer? particularly if this recession is somewhat difficult to break. so do i think that they are honest brokers? yes. what i would suggest is that as we get closer to the election, it gets harder to break through the clutter. if a president is going to start reallocating funds, come back to us for what used to be called specific requirements, someone invests in long-term new jobs, then i think whether it's new money or old money, we simply continue spending money on government jobs, that's a soft
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landing for government. it's not what the people listening to your show tonight would care about. >> good to have you with us tonight. i appreciate your take on this you bet. >> sooner or later we're going to have to have a conversation about whether there's any middle of the road. how can there be an ideological divide when it comes to creating a job? if you can prove that you created a job by going down this or that path, there's got to be credit to one politician or one party. coming up, the republicans turn the word no into an art form in 2009. senate health committee chairman tom harsh kin has a way to get it out from 2010 and beyond. he'll explain in a moment.
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welcome back to "the ed show." the president, the president, i don't think is to blame. the republicans haven't shown president obama one ounce of good faith and i don't think they will. senator jim demint made this common just yesterday. >> i did not want this to be the president's waterloo but it was certainly not a good idea. did you hear that? here is senator jim demint giving his marching orders back on july 9th. >> if we're able to stop obama on, this it will be his water z
6:20 pm
waterloo. it will break him. >> americans i don't think are going to buy this one. now that the gop has 41 votes in the senate, of course, they can filibuster. that's what governor ed rendell wants. >> remember, it's 51 votes for passage. they have to filibuster. make them filibuster. >> joining me now is senator, good to have you with us. i want to point out to our audience off the top tonight that back in 1995 when you and your party was in the minority, you and joe lieberman signatured an effort to change this filibuster. do i have that correct? >> our absolutely correct, ed. >> okay. i also want to point out this is
6:21 pm
how american has changed. in the 1960s, 8% was filibustered. you guys need to go out to lunch and figure out what is going on here. why is the claim mate like this, tom? >> well, it's simply because mr. demint and a couple of his colleagues are calling the shots on the republican side. they just want to stop everything. they want to make it impossible for us to pass anything. ed, don't take my word for it. look what happened to last september. we had a bill to extend the unemployment insurance. >> yep. >> now, they held it up for almost four weeks before we could pass it. and it passed 97-1. so why was it held up all that time, eating up time, eating up the clock so that we couldn't do anything else?
6:22 pm
everything we'd bring up on the floor now, they filibuster, requiring us to have 60 votes. i think the american people would be surprised to learn, that the american constitution, that no longer holds. now you have to have 60 votes to get anything done. >> what do you want to do, senator? you want to change the rule of the senate, right? >> absolutely, ed. what i proposed back in 1995, i proposed it back when we were in the minority. the idea is that, yes, i can have a filibuster to and then it requires more votes and then a few more days go by and you require 54 more votes and then a few day, but within the span of a week and a half or two weeks, you finally get down 51 votes
6:23 pm
and that's it. >> do you think this makes this part of the vern knack cue lar, how ever you want to word smith it, and say, look, they are standing in the way of everything. is that a fair statement? they are standing in the way of everything. they are stalling everything. they don't want to see president obama get any kind of legislative achievement whatsoever. >> i think that's fair. look at the record. look at what you pointed out last year. the number of times that we had to file closure, that is so stop debate on i think -- if i'm not mistaken, over 107 items last year, 139, perhaps. you may have the figure on that, ed, on just innocuous pieces of legislation, motions to proceed a bill that now we require 60 votes. before it was always just 51 votes. >> will you get any republicans
6:24 pm
on board to help you with this? >> i don't know, ed. i'm going to start talking to them about it. they may be in the minority now and we may be in the minority in the future. i was actually going after my own party at the time. but i felt then and i felt now very strongly that this filibuster has gotten out of hand and it's really ruining our democracy in this country. >> if the american people think -- and there are some out there who believe that our system is headed towards the broken road, so to speak. that washington is dysfunctional. do you think that this would be a serious tool that could be used to bring some things back to normalcy? >> i really do. again, i think there is a role for minority. the minority does need protections for the rule of the minority. there's a lot of ways to do that. from the committee procedures, through presidential vetoes, over rides, all kinds of vetoes.
6:25 pm
i'm not trying to take everything away. i'm just saying, let's make it so that you can have a filibuster but after a certain period of time you only need 51 votes, not just to pass a bill but to bring it to a vote. >> and how confident are you tonight that from right now until the election, the midterms, that the republicans will work with the president on anything? on a scale of 0-100, where are you on that? >> well, already the republicans have indicated to our leader that they are going to object to motions to proceed on various pieces of legislation. i've got a bill that the house passed overwhelmingly. it's a food safety bill, ed. to modernize the american people. and yet we can't bring it up. i'll guarantee once we bring it up and it comes down for a vote, it will passover well
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and in psycho talk tonight,
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andre bow we are but maybe they actually made the right decision in keeping sanford right in place. andre came up with this analogy about families in the free or reduced price school programs. >> my grandmother told me as a small child because they breed. you're facilitating the problem. if you give an animal food supply, they will reproduce. so you've got to curtail that type of behavior.
6:31 pm
>> wow. it looks like the effect of the recession has really had on south carolina is pretty severe. the state's jobless rate is at 12.6%. 58% of the students get free or reduced-price lunch. starving the kids will not create jobs. the lawsuit ten nabt governor is completely out of touch saying that the government should treat the citizens like animals. it's derogatory psycho talk. coming up, a growing number of elected officials who want to put former bush funny man ben bernanke in the unemployment land. he'll explain what the next move should be. plus, i want the president to look -- take a good look at them during the state of the union speech and explain to them how all of the decision was about campaign finance reform. i think congressman allen
6:32 pm
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welcome back to "the ed show." thanks for watching tonight. the white house wants ben bernanke reconfirmed. so does banking committee chairman chris dodd. they don't want to change horses in an economic recovery. today john mccain says that he will vote against the fed chair, ben bernanke. i don't like the threats that the supporters are making. if bernanke doesn't get reconfirmed, what is that all about? that's the same argument that wall street makes when they say that americans have to pay their bonuses. any time we try to hold these masters of the universe accountable, we're told that it could just rip apart the
6:36 pm
economy. why not give it to him? >> been bernanke is to protect the safety and of the financial institutions. you know what? he failed and failed badly the of the evidence is very clear. when bernanke became chairman of the fed, he said, i want to follow in the footsteps of alan greenspan. many people in this country voted for president obama because they wanted change. maintaining the philosophy of alan greenspan is not change. that's the whole deregulatory philosophy which got us to where we are right now. >> okay. mr. bernanke hasn't played any
6:37 pm
role in this market recovery that we've seen when the president last march it was 3500, 4,000 points less than what it is right now. that's people's retirements and 401(k)s and positive things the. hasn't he played a positive role in that? >> he was asleep at the switch. further more, as part of the recovery, he lent out trillions of dollars at zero interest to large financial institutions. do you know which financial institutions received that money and what the terms were? you don't know. i don't know because mr. bernanke is not giving us the transparency that we need. further more, further more, the
6:38 pm
fed today has the power the fed today has the power to demand. >> okay, senator. so what you just explained here doesn't sound good at all to the middle class in this country. so how can president obama -- and i'm asking you, how did president obama strike a pop louse tone and then support a guy like bernanke if it is exactly what you say it is. >> that's exactly the problem. on monday and tuesday the supporters are saying, we've got to take on wall street. it doesn't pass the smell test. >> is this a big pr problem for the white house if bernanke didn't get reconfirmed? >> i think what it says to the progressive committee and to
6:39 pm
ordinary americans, i'm a supporter of obama. i want him to succeed. why are you going back to bush? this was not only a bush appointee. this was a member of bush's economic advisory council, the chairman of that. why are we appointing. any time you bring about money, the big companies don't want it. and don't tell me there's no economist out there who is capable of running the fed but on behalf of the middle class and working class of this country rather than the big money on wall street. i just don't believe it. >> senator sanders, appreciate your time tonight.
6:40 pm
thank you. >> thank you. >> for me, let me bring in pete mcmahon so he can describe what kind of problem this might be for the middle class. how can he strike a populous tone snl and then the second part of the journey is what happened after that. i think what the obama administration is doing is taking both parts the folks out there who don't understand what this is all about, would recommend that they read the man of the year. it's a pretty remarkable for story. he was an economics professor at
6:41 pm
princeton. he was an economist who happened to know more about the great depression and the causes of the great depression that anybody perhaps in america. and did all kinds of things that it didn't do during the depression in the late 19 20zs and early 1930s that it should have done and he brought us back from the brink of collapse. ben bernanke was not barack obama's first choice for federal reserve chairman. he made the choice because of the job that ben bernanke had been doing to bring us out of the recession and to keep us from going into another great depression. i'm sure the president would have preferred to change a course and go in a different direction but he decided, wisely in my judgment, to go with a person that is getting us out.
6:42 pm
>> so what do you say to the progressive democrats out there that don't want to give bernanke any credit for any kind of recovery? and then, of course, turned and stuck it to the american middle class when it came to credit card rates. how does the president balance that and then go out on the campaign trail and say, hey, i'm fighting for you? >> that's vel difficult, ed. let's look at the facts for a minute. senator sanders who's a smart, thoughtful progressive and is right about many sthings simply ignoring that the senate of the united states has the ability to bring in the stakes. and on gres, which is elected to do this s. disingenuous. it's the banks charging those rates and it's not ben bernanke and i would go back to the congress of the united states.
6:43 pm
why hasn't congress blamed ben bernanke that something that he doesn't have the power to do. i mean, they are on a tight rope here. they are on a tight rope with the american people. >> they are on a tight rope and have not explained their situations clearly. it's a tight rope that they have put themselves on. you a is it and studying the
6:44 pm
things that went wrong, he's the right person to have there right now and recognize that he wasn't the person that barack obama wanted. he was the person that barack obama could find to do the best job. >> this is the perfect title for the subject that we're talking about. michael, do you go with ben bernanke? what do you think? >> yeah, sure. this is one where i support president obama and i do. because the one thing that the economy requires most of all right now is a little bit of certainty about the road ahead pits spooked investors and you saw that in the marketplace before today. and at least ben bernanke -- sure it will come back eventually but it will come back when people are able to count on
6:45 pm
what to expect from their government. ben bernanke gives a certain amount of stability and consistency to those types of situations. >> mr. bernanke is not in favor of? what do you think? >> there's no question that he did help stave off another great depression. he does deserve credit for that. frankly, if he tried to nominate somebody else, given how they are behaving right now, you wouldn't get the truth for months and months to come. so what he needs to embrace is what president obama has put forth which is the big bank fee which will require prudence to not get into the big speculative spending that caused this
6:46 pm
economic collapse that will help save them serves from themselves during the banking down turn and it's good policy and politics do you believe that the fed chair plays a vital role in rebuilding the american middle class and the availability of money to small businesses and rebuilding the structure and strength of small businesses in american? because, you know, we've heard compliments tonight of mr. bernanke. where is small business? they can't get their mitts on it. >> so he does share a responsibility. >> he does. what small business people are saying and i hear this all the
6:47 pm
time part of the problem about the huge debate about health care -- >> we're talking about the financial structure right now. >> yeah. but health care impacts the financial structure. it really does. >> at the end of the day, it's about the banks recognizing that their hides were saved by the american taxpayer and they are going to step up and stop doing lending to get things moving again. >> correct me if i'm wrong, mr. bernanke is still em bratsing the small policies that took us down the road in the ditch where there was a lot of abuse, correct? >> i. >> gentlemen, good to have you with us tonight. say it quickly, mike. >> i disagree. i'm all for repaying the banks
6:48 pm
that actually got the money. but to punish the folks that never got to money is wrong. >> thank you so much. details of tiger's worst thanksgiving ever. why text messaging and sleeping pills just don't mix.
6:49 pm
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campbell's v8 soups. new details about the events that led to tiger woods ramming his suv into a tree on thanksgiving night. it turns out tiger's wife elin confirmed that he was cheating
6:52 pm
on her. let me bring in peter. peter, what happened that night, the night that golf changed for at least 2010. >> that's right. this should go in the what not to do play book when the whole mess exploded when he hit that fire hydrant aware that the national enquirer was about to report his affair with rachel. he went up to his wife and said to her, you know what, this isn't true. i want to you speak to this alleged mistresses on the phone. he put his wife on the phone with rachel and they spoke for up to half an hour. and then elin was satisfied that there was nothing romantically going on between the two. but then the next day, she learned new details about the
6:53 pm
relationship when national enquirer was about to report. according to the report he popped an ambien pill, went to bed in the bedroom when she picked up his cell phone that he left behind she wrote, you are the only one that i've loved to uchitel and she texted essentially, i'm here. when doi get to see you next. and it turns out it was elin herself. so, ed, get this. rachel then received a phone call from elin woods, elin called the mistress and said, i knew it was you. she, elin, woke up tiger and chased him outside, with this golf club. it's unclear whether or not that was used to knock in the windows of the suv.
6:54 pm
>> and the vikings did not win yesterday. i have one question they can spot the ball and alan grayson is with me on this one. [ male announcer ] introducing the all-new lexus gx. ♪ it has the agility to avoid the unexpected... ♪ ...the power to take on any mission,
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last year the supreme court removed campaign spending limits giving corporations even more political power. president obama voices obstruction to the ruling in his weekly address this saturday. in a powerful blow to our efforts to rein in powerful influence. i can't think of anything more devastating to the public interest. the last thing we need to do is have more influence or more power to the special interests to tip the outcome of the
6:59 pm
elections. >> congressman, do you agree with the president and what should the majority party do about this? >> well, they should pass my bills. i was there the day the supreme court decided this. we are on it. 85,000 people have asked it to happen, by going to the website, that's to pass the bill and stop the tragedy from going on, of selling america to the highest bidder. >> i agree with you, congressman. do you actually believe that this will ruin democracy, that there is no way for the work in america to push back on those that would be donating that would influence the decision of corporations in washington? >> it's not even close. look, look at 2008.